John, Massive thank you!
An excellent lead course, thanks to your hard work, research and your personal touch. I learnt loads and found your teaching skills exceeded my expectation, on every level. Your understanding of the subject of fungi foraging is exceptional, and obviously founded in both an academic and lustful practical relationship for the subject, such skills only achieved from dedication, practical hard work, and getting your hands dirty!
Once again, thank you, and I really look forward to the next course with you.
Kind regards
Fraser Christian

John, I would like to thank you for a very enjoyable and informative mushroom gathering trip yesterday. I found your course to be excellent. You were very careful to point out the risks of misidentification and consumption of wild fungi not only from natural toxin’s, but also from chemicals that they may have absorbed from their environment. You were not claiming to turn anyone into an expert fungi forager in a few hours but rather you equipped us with the knowledge to use field guides and other books and be able to start interpreting their often complicated descriptives with a lot more confidence. Fungi are a very interesting subject. But also, I think, a very complicated one and I shall now begin to study this subject with far greater confidence. I will also be cooking up some tasty meals as I do so.
Once again, a big thank you! Nick from Brizzle (Nick Harris)

John, we had the most fantastic day with you and as one forager to another, I really enjoyed your obvious passion and enthusiasm which turns a potentially dry subject into a fun, informative day out. I wish you all success in this and your Forage London project.
Caroline Davey

John is an experienced guide to the wonderful world of mushrooms & wild edible plants. As co-host on courses with me, he is an extremely
relaxed, and funny (yet professional) foraging teacher, and a thorough joy to work with. If you are looking for someone who delivers, then I highly recommend and refer John Rensten to you.
Robin Harford

Working with John Rensten on our various foraging courses in Dorset is as much a joy as it is an education.  Although John is too modest to call himself an expert he has great expertise in relation to our edible landscape, nutritional facts, horticulture, medicine, cookery and the history of plants and fungi. To pass on this sometimes complex information, to include Latin names, in an accessible, relevant and fun way  to groups of all sizes takes great teaching and interpersonal skills.  This is what, in our opinion separates John from the other tutors and experts in his field.  John’s students leave feeling inspired, more confident and hungry for more.
Luke Stuart

John’s foraging course was hands on, informative and a real sensory experience! Not only did I learn to comfortably and confidently identify a myriad of salad greens or vegetables, I got to taste cordials, syrups, dandelion coffee, jellies and chutneys – giving me real inspiration for how I can use local ingredients to spice up my cooking. John presents information responsibly – with lots of information about sustainability and any health risks and I really enjoyed the course and his passion. All this just down the road from my house!
Brie O’Keefe, North London

You lovely old weirdo.
Simon Smedley. North London

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